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About the book

From the creator of the legendary Twitter account with the same name and inspired by the creativity of its 100K+ followers, here comes at last the book every alien needs to read before heading to Earth to work undercover as a human. Every important and slightly less important human trait, behaviour and code explained, with guidance on how to accurately mimic it in order to seemingly blend in among humans.

>> More about the book from the author.

Other reasons to join the waitlist:

  • Get access to progress updatesextra materials and side stories while the book is in the writing.
  • Support the creation of the first complete handbook for aliens working undercover as humans that isn’t just a collection of tweets.
  • Influence the book’s content by participating in secret insider polls.
  • Get exempted from probing during abduction (human readers only).
  • Get an invitation to the book release event with the opportunity to get your copy signed.
  • Please Zorn.
  • Keep the author motivated to finish the damn thing.
  • Help the book get published.


When is the book coming?

At the moment of the announcement of the waitlist the book was halfway finished. The goal is to have it published by 2023.

Can I pre-order my copy by joining the waitlist?

As the book isn’t published yet, it cannot be pre-ordered. However, being on the waitlist ensure that you’ll be the first to know when the book is available for pre-order.

Will the book be a collection of tweets?

No. Long-time followers may recognise certain points made in past tweets, but the book will be 95% new material.

Do I have to buy the book if I join the waitlist?

The waitlist is not binding in anyway. You are welcome to join only as a tease if that’s what gets you going.